Chef Tanya’s Herstory


In college, Chef Tanya learns how to make seitan and fresh cultured tempeh. Vision to create a multi-restaurant concept serving them arises


Chef Tanya opens her first restaurant in Palm Springs called MT Plate. It’s the first all-vegetarian restaurant in the Coachella Valley showcasing house-made seitan and tempeh gourmet dishes.


Her new concept, Native Foods, opens in Palm Springs serving her tempeh and seitan. Many well intentioned friends caution her to add chicken and fish to the menu in order to “make-it”. She does not heed such advice.


Chef Tanya opens her second Native Foods location in Palm Desert, followed by locations in Westwood, Costa Mesa and Aliso Viejo. Equity is raised and locations open in So Cal, Portland and Chicago. Native Foods becomes first national plant-based chain.


Seeks inspiration for her next venture. Travels to India for yoga and Nepal to save elephants. Joins board at Palm Springs Animal Shelter to turn it no-kill and started feral cat program.


Chef Tanya’s Kitchen is born. Starting as a manufacturing facility for tempeh and seitan, it expands into a take out deli and curated marketplace where the Cubano and Chupacabra make sandwich history. The CTK Tempeh Power Burger is born.

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